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Our success is driven by talented individuals - we understand that the people who are committed to your account make all the difference

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We are always looking for people who go that extra mile, who are able to stand in our customers' shoes, who have the desire to deliver a great customer experience. If that is you, then we would love to hear from you. Email clairer@precision.email
Alex Gaumé, Client Services Manager
Alex took over the day to day running of our Watton site in 2013, and works to ensure the smooth running of the operation there, with accuracy and attention to detail being the key focus
Alice Kamieniecka, Production Operator
Alice works across a range of plant and projects. Speed and accuracy are among her particular strengths – she prides herself on quality in everything she does.
Chris Alderton, Associate Designer
Chris is our in-house designer and is responsible for all creative direction within the company as well as overseeing artwork.
Claire Ridyard, Human Resource Manager
Claire is one of Precision’s longest standing employees. She is responsible for the smooth running of HR within the company. Her attention to detail, discretion and compassion are much admired within the company and by our clients.
Ying Li, Managing Director
Ying is responsible for overseeing the marketing services division across our three sites. As such she heads up the sales, client services and production teams as well as ensuring that our clients receive excellent service throughout every campaign.
Diane Van Wijk, Finance Assistant
Diane deals with the purchase ledger and is responsible for processing purchase invoices and supplier liaison. Diane's attention to detail is second to none and we don't know what we would do without her!
Elize Andrews, Production Operator
Elize works closely with the hand assembly team and on a day to day basis runs the pick and pack unit for some of our major clients. All requests for point of sale, samples, brochures & an array of other materials are put together and sent out via Elize.
Ellie Hughes, Client Services Director
As Healthcare Client Services Director, Ellie is responsible for strategic planning, sales and marketing management, business development, new product development, POM to P switching, M&A/Licensing, management and professional training.
Gary Holt, Poly and videojet operator
Gary runs our poly lines and operates our videojet. Gary also covers in the warehouse and is qualified to drive the forklifts.
Gerald Andrews, IT Support Technician
Starting out as a member of the production staff, Gerald’s previous experience as an IT engineer for IBM proved to be a valuable asset to the company and Gerald’s position as IT support technician provides both production and office staff with a reliable and knowledgeable support service.
Hayley Gardner, Senior Account Manager
Hayley is a great all round communicator with a natural flair for managing people and direct mail campaigns. Hayley is passionate about excellent customer service and as such is in charge of the account handling team and our major clients within Precision.
Jade Biginton, Account Manager
Jade has a wealth of experience in project management and direct marketing. Her understanding of the day to day needs of her clients and her ability to manage projects to tight deadlines proves her an invaluable asset to the team.
James Edwards, Account Manager
James is Alex's right hand man at Watton and assists in the day to day running of the site. This covers account management, production planning, data processing, laser printing, day to day administration and invoicing as well as ad-hoc assistance in production when required.
Joanne Feacey, Account Manager
Jo is part of the Healthcare Account Management team and as such has a key role in managing the admin for the e-commerce side of our business. Jo has an excellent relationship with her clients and is always on hand to offer help and advice.
Jude Stockley, Client Services Manager
Jude runs the St Ives site and is extremely efficient and proactive in her approach. Jude is renowned for her incredible attention to detail to ensure all client projects are delivered on time and to budget.
Karen Watts, Senior Account Manager
Karen is a skilled Account Manager. Her commitment to her clients and conscientious nature make her a valuable asset to clients in their customer communications.
Mark Harvey, Senior Production Operator
Mark runs the poly, paper mail and videojet machines. Mark does all the in house maintenance for the company and can fix anything!
Matthew Caldwell-Nichols, Director
Matthew founded Precision in 1995 continuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry that began with a degree in Pharmacology and then 12 years at Janssen Cilag. With over 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry his knowledge, understanding and ideas are unrivalled.
Matthew Gardner, Senior Production Operator
Matty is in charge of the laser run and is involved in the set up and lasering of mailing campaigns. He also covers Simon Frost when required.
Mick Dockett, Production Operator
Mick is a specialist on the poly lines. He is extremely adaptable and helps on other lines when needed.
Nick Pryke, Chief Operating Officer
Nick is the former owner of Anglia Mailing Services (AMS), a company Precision merged with in January 2012. Nick is an expert in the field of direct mail and is always on hand to advise and guide you through your direct mail campaign
Paul Brown, Data Manager
Paul is Data Manager of our IT Department. Paul processes each mailing file for output before it goes to production and is an expert in data cleansing as part of our Database Management service.
Paul Catling, Senior Production Operator
Paul is one of our senior Production Operators. Paul runs the paper enclosing and folding machines and is also experienced on the inkjet lines.
Paul Tyrrell, Business Development
Paul manages Precision Marketing Group’s hybrid mail service and SaaS delivery while also assisting with business development across the organisation.
Robert McDonald, Database Manager
Robert is our Healthcare data expert and knows everything about databases. He works closely with clients that buy or rent our data and is responsible for our National Pharmacy Database. He also produces the Access Pharmacy report each month.
Rose Holt, Production Operator
Rose works on hand assembly as well as the production lines and is happy to work between our sites in Bury St Edmunds and Watton depending on work flow.
Simon Frost, Production Planner
Simon is the link between the account managers and our production floor. Simon plans all the jobs, staffing levels and logistics for our mailing house in our Bury head office.
Simon Price, Astrojet, card printer and duplicator operator
Simon runs our astrojet, card printer and duplicator and is responsible for printing the envelopes that we mail out.
Tim Coke, Data Executive
Tim works within our IT Department and processes mailing files for output before going to production. Tim also assists with setting up technical mailings; the more complex and challenging, the better as far as Tim is concerned!
Tim Stopher, Chief Technical Officer
Tim heads up our successful digital division and is responsible for the design and delivery of award winning platforms within the e-learning and web industry. Tim is an expert in building easy to use interfaces and user journey.
Vicky Driver, Client Services Manager
As Healthcare Client Services Manager, Vicky is responsible for managing the Healthcare team. Vicky's vast industry experience means that she has great long standing relationships with our clients and is well placed to advise on campaigns.
Vince Palmer, Senior account manager
Vince coordinates our online print marketing platform ensuring that orders made from clients via our websites are processed and sent out on time. Vince excels at advising clients on the best ways to edit and manage their online print product library.
Aira Leipa
Aira Leipa, Production Operator
Aira works on both hand assembly and our production lines. Her practical skills and attention to detail means that she is a valuable member of our production team.
Alex Oliveira
Alex Oliveira, Production Operator
Alex works on both hand assembly and our production lines. Her practical skills and attention to detail means that she is a valuable member of our production team.
Ian Cook
Ian Cook, Production Operator
Ian works on our poly lines, is very versatile and helps out on other lines when needed.
Jan Duch
Jan Duch, Digital Developer
Jan is a skilled digital developer and works on the development team for our online learning platform and with our web2print solution Precision Connects.